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“The Dance Studio”

by Nicole Asselin

"Rebirth" by Jake Silins (monotype, CAJ 2010)

“Rebirth” by Jake Silins (monotype, CAJ 2010)

This poem first appeared in Curry Arts Journal 2002.


Rows of sleepy-faced girls file in

through the door like columns of pink

and black ants, their new pink ballet shoes

squeaking on the polished hardwood floors as

they line up at the barre. Continue reading

“Autumn Fields”

by Richard Guerra

"Stone Garden" by Ashley Ackerman (ceramic)

“Stone Garden” by Ashley Ackerman (ceramic)

“Autumn Fields” first appeared in Curry Arts Journal 2011.

There is no suffering, grieving, or pain

in these autumn fields; there is no pity or shame

I touch with my fingers the cold tingling strands

like the wings of a bird flowing with the land Continue reading

“The Leaf”

by Tina Gaynor (Mahoney Maxwell)

"From Under the Hat" by Candace Cobuzzi, (CAJ 2010)

“From Under the Hat” by Candace Cobuzzi, (CAJ 2010)

“The Leaf” first appeared in Curry Arts Journal 1994.

It is one of many in its place

but each is different,

with many colors hiding what

is beneath.

The long cold nights surround

this delicate leaf.

Its innocence doesn’t know

what the warm sun has hidden. Continue reading

“The Silly Angry Poem”

By Dan Kessel

"Origami Book" by Sasha Gilbert (mixed media artist's book)

“Origami Book” by Sasha Gilbert (mixed media artist’s book)

A vortex of grinding gumption gearing to get out,

In the very depths of my being, a tune rings about,

Like an honest man with a righteous cause,

Charging in without the slightest pause,

Marching down upon the shoulders of war,

Pounding rhythmically through every corridor, Continue reading

“Dear Ms. Misery”

by Brittany Capozzi

"Red Riding Hood" by Samantha Carr (black and white photo)

“Red Riding Hood” by Samantha Carr (black and white photo)

Do you remember that picture
of you and me two weeks after
Janet died? Mom took us to the park.
Your arms held my legs from
pumping on the swing.
Dear old Ms. Misery.

Do you remember March of ’05,
when I lost dad
for three minutes to a seizure?
You enveloped me with sheets of worry.
Yes, that was you,
Ms. Misery. Continue reading


By Michael Grady

"A Second Glance" by Ashley Buckley (drawing)

“A Second Glance” by Ashley Buckley (drawing)

Stagger, catch and flee!
to bound the fallen tree
alight to the other foot—
and notice the fleeting second
of balance neither here nor there
continuing in bounding stride

sprinting fleet of foot;
the shock and awe of life
omnipresent in adrenaline
courses through veins hot
like white-hot shells through air Continue reading