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“The Body of Belly Dance”

by Brittany Capozzi (BellaBianca)

"My Digital Print" by Emily Shvarts (digital print, mixed media)

“My Digital Print” by Emily Shvarts (digital print, mixed media)

Crisscrossing one foot over the other,

My soles search for the pulse in the ground
Calling for the current.

Once the pulse and I touch
My hips wheel themselves,

Recycle the oxygen,

The breath
Of movement. Continue reading

“Tide’s Turn”

By Nancy Garrison

"Over the Years" by Ashley Buckley (lyrics and beach scene)

“Over the Years” by Ashley Buckley (lyrics and beach scene)

“Tide’s Turn” first appeared in Curry Arts Journal 1994.

Few within that charmed company would have understood why I hated Jenny, but I loathed her with the considerable venom of a brooding thirteen-year-old, for Jenny had seduced my father.

Not sexually of course; nothing so overt as that, although there were undercurrents of feeling which I could not then comprehend. But, in an important sense, and in a milieu which we both understood, Jenny had bested me in the manner of women, eyes steady, mano a mano, in an atmosphere of competitiveness which we had absorbed from earliest childhood. Continue reading