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“My Cape House”

by Kathryn Barry

"Summer Bliss" by Kaitlynn McNeill (digital print, mixed media)

“Summer Bliss” by Kaitlynn McNeill (digital print, mixed media)

“My Cape House” first appeared in Curry Arts Journal 2006.

Crossing the threshold of my youth

I am swathed in the comforting scent of stale mildew.

It has gone unoccupied for months,

my Cape house. Continue reading

“The Silly Angry Poem”

By Dan Kessel

"Origami Book" by Sasha Gilbert (mixed media artist's book)

“Origami Book” by Sasha Gilbert (mixed media artist’s book)

A vortex of grinding gumption gearing to get out,

In the very depths of my being, a tune rings about,

Like an honest man with a righteous cause,

Charging in without the slightest pause,

Marching down upon the shoulders of war,

Pounding rhythmically through every corridor, Continue reading

“A Plastic Minister”

by Andrew Blom

"Reflective Glass/Black Cats" by J. Kennedy (oil painting)

“Reflective Glass/Black Cats” by J. Kennedy (oil painting, CAJ 2006)

We were losers who should be shot. I turned the corner with Boyd on our way to school and was talking about Latin class. We were seniors, and although I don’t remember the day it was very warm and it was Career Day so it was sometime in May. Again, I don’t remember it very well. This was our fourth year taking Latin but each year it was first period of the day and the two of us always smoked weed in my car before school. Obviously, neither of us had taken a single thing in and we were joking today how some guy with a time machine could appear out of nowhere and grab us and take us back to Rome in the ancient time thinking that we could help him lead the resistance against the non-Latin speakers but this guy wouldn’t know that we knew just as much about Latin as a vacuum cleaner and not a very good one at that. Continue reading

“I Played Fetch with God”

by Samantha Crescitelli

"Confessions" by Alexandra Garrity (ceramic)

“Confessions” by Alexandra Garrity (ceramic)

“I Played Fetch with God” first appeared in Curry Arts Journal 2009.

I’ve never considered myself much of a believer. I’ve never identified with a saint, or felt the desire to drop to my knees in prayer to bring good into my life. In fact, I’ve always believed the notion of praying to a faceless being with a rather generic name to be tedious. What is more irritating I’ve found, however, is not the people that are normally regarded as Bible-thumpers, or people who are truly religious and have found solace in belief; it is the people who insist on participating in superficial faith. The kind of people who pray only when something has gone horribly wrong in their lives, or when they want something of material benefit. Praying for a Coach bag will not make it appear at your bedside when you wake, nor will it put the $600 in your pocket to buy your own (and if $600 does miraculously materialize in your pocket, I am sure there would be many more advisable ways to spend the cash). The fact of the matter here is, I haven’t enough faith in anyone (this includes myself) to do anything that will benefit me, or give me something that I’ve asked for, so I won’t trust the universe, either. All I can do is make my own luck. Continue reading

“Dear Ms. Misery”

by Brittany Capozzi

"Red Riding Hood" by Samantha Carr (black and white photo)

“Red Riding Hood” by Samantha Carr (black and white photo)

Do you remember that picture
of you and me two weeks after
Janet died? Mom took us to the park.
Your arms held my legs from
pumping on the swing.
Dear old Ms. Misery.

Do you remember March of ’05,
when I lost dad
for three minutes to a seizure?
You enveloped me with sheets of worry.
Yes, that was you,
Ms. Misery. Continue reading

“I Continue to Climb”

by Matthew Walsh (1987-2007)

This essay first appeared in The Curry Arts Journal, 2006 Edition.

Life comes down to one thing. Of course, I am speaking of experience. Don’t we all share our life stories about our experiences? For me, the experience of being diagnosed with cancer shaped me as a person and played an enormous part in how I live my life.

Last year, in December, results came back positive, which meant I had malignant melanoma (skin cancer). Initially, I wasn’t upset because I assumed something as little as skin cancer could be treated. Well, I soon found out that the cancer had spread to my lymph nodes. Suddenly, things were not okay anymore. I think my reaction was typical of most people’s reactions. I’ve spent my life with the crazy mentality that nothing bad would ever happen to me. “No, I can’t have cancer; I’m not the type of person that gets cancer!” It’s ironic and, in a morbid way, kind of funny. We’re all aware of experiences that can occur within our lives, yet we always seem shocked when they actually happen. Continue reading

“Near Death Experience”

by Omar Cueto

"Modern Tree" by Sasha Gilbert (wire sculpture)

“Modern Tree” by Sasha Gilbert (wire sculpture)

I joined the Army back in 2003 when I was still a junior in high school and living it up. My friend Alex and I always talked about cars and how we would customize them and the different body kits that we would add to the cars. It was very difficult getting into Boston University (BU), the college we wanted to go to, because we could not afford it. So we decided to join the Army and have them pay for it. After we graduated from high school, we both went off to basic training and returned back home to school just how we had planned it. Not only did the military pay for our education at BU, we were in the school that we wanted to attend. It was perfect. But everything changed in 2006 when my unit was informed that part of our regiment was taking too big a loss; the Army was going to pull us to go into Iraq and relieve the soldiers that were already there. Continue reading

“The Interview”

By Paul Varga

"Turquoise and Hints of Green" by Alexandra Cutler (acrylic, mixed media on canvas)

“Turquoise and Hints of Green” by Alexandra Cutler (acrylic, mixed media on canvas)

“The Interview” first appeared in Curry Arts Journal 2008. Paul Varga’s new dedication is printed below, followed by his original.

Summer 2013

“I want to specially dedicate this republication of “The Interview” to D-L Garren, who helped guide me through the process, and of course lots of love to Matt, Joe and Cheryl, and the entire Walsh family.” Continue reading


By Michael Grady

"A Second Glance" by Ashley Buckley (drawing)

“A Second Glance” by Ashley Buckley (drawing)

Stagger, catch and flee!
to bound the fallen tree
alight to the other foot—
and notice the fleeting second
of balance neither here nor there
continuing in bounding stride

sprinting fleet of foot;
the shock and awe of life
omnipresent in adrenaline
courses through veins hot
like white-hot shells through air Continue reading