My Friend

By Megan Shea


“My Friend” first appeared in Curry Arts Journal 2006.



Your body is the color of the sky

Before a storm, and the calm

Of the pristine blue ocean

Enhances your peaceful nature.

The squeaking of your

Voice is like a laugh

That goes on forever. When

You open your mouth,

All I can picture is a smile ear to ear.


Beneath it all,

You are intelligent

And friendly, willing

To fly through the air

As you show off your tricks;

The waves that come crashing

Up and down from all the

Splashing are pure enjoyment.


If I could travel

The ocean on your back,

I would; swim beneath the

surface of the fresh salt water

With you and the schools of fish,

I would; see the beautiful

Sights on the sandy bottom with you. I would.

I can see them now, the multicolor seashells

And coral of all different heights

And shapes. They are as perfect as you.


I’d hold on to your pointed fin

And start an adventure, if I could;

Enjoy a ride with the sun streaming down

On our backs, or the moon illuminating

A path for our destination.

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