“The Leaf”

by Tina Gaynor (Mahoney Maxwell)

"From Under the Hat" by Candace Cobuzzi, (CAJ 2010)

“From Under the Hat” by Candace Cobuzzi, (CAJ 2010)

“The Leaf” first appeared in Curry Arts Journal 1994.

It is one of many in its place

but each is different,

with many colors hiding what

is beneath.

The long cold nights surround

this delicate leaf.

Its innocence doesn’t know

what the warm sun has hidden.

Soon the warmth is taken away.

Torn from its safety,

in a cold harsh way,

from that place that held it close

and let life into its veins.

Pulled by the wind,

to drift away,

to a place where it will lie

among other leaves

with the same fate.

To lose its shield of colors

and become like them.

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