“The Dance Studio”

by Nicole Asselin

"Rebirth" by Jake Silins (monotype, CAJ 2010)

“Rebirth” by Jake Silins (monotype, CAJ 2010)

This poem first appeared in Curry Arts Journal 2002.


Rows of sleepy-faced girls file in

through the door like columns of pink

and black ants, their new pink ballet shoes

squeaking on the polished hardwood floors as

they line up at the barre.

The barre is cold and shocks their

warm inviting hands.

“Bend and stretch

plie and releve,”

the teacher calls out while the piano

plays a soft, lilting melody

punctuating each precise movement

of the bending legs.

The mirrors glint in

the morning sun

that’s streaming through

the windows as the

dancers twist and turn

through the sunbeams

like flowers swaying in the breeze.

Hour after hour,

day after day, week after week,

the rhythm and the practice

of “plie, releve”

are the heart

of dance,

home away from home,

the studio.

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