“The Body of Belly Dance”

by Brittany Capozzi (BellaBianca)

"My Digital Print" by Emily Shvarts (digital print, mixed media)

“My Digital Print” by Emily Shvarts (digital print, mixed media)

Crisscrossing one foot over the other,

My soles search for the pulse in the ground
Calling for the current.

Once the pulse and I touch
My hips wheel themselves,

Recycle the oxygen,

The breath
Of movement.

I stop breathing to
Flutter my stomach,
Pumping muscles
Of strength that
Reawaken my

With rising energy
My chest lifts from side to side,
Defying gravity
And any burdens.

Rotating shoulders
Forward and back,
My dormant patience
Now actively balances itself.

Feeling patience, my eyes
Circle the room
Like hands on a clock,
Taking the time to
See the moment.

The undulating veil,
Outlines tear drops,
Extending the dance
Into the air.

I level to the floor,
And surrendering my body
As art imprints itself
Back to where the pulse came from.


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