“My Cape House”

by Kathryn Barry

"Summer Bliss" by Kaitlynn McNeill (digital print, mixed media)

“Summer Bliss” by Kaitlynn McNeill (digital print, mixed media)

“My Cape House” first appeared in Curry Arts Journal 2006.

Crossing the threshold of my youth

I am swathed in the comforting scent of stale mildew.

It has gone unoccupied for months,

my Cape house.

I begin the perpetual ritual of putting things back

where they belong: righting the wrongs of misplaced photos,

amending the homes of my treasured seashells,

properly remaking beds the renters haphazardly threw together.

In the closing stages of restoration

I meander to the backyard

And gaze at the patches of pine needles and ivy

Ruthlessly choking out the ambitious bits of grass

where countless Wiffle balls have been forgotten.

In the distance I hear the lapping waves of Red River Beach

retelling the accounts of a past time.

The surf hums the sounds of vacation

which resonate al through my being.

Inhaling the pungent oceanic aromas

I release all that hinders me from peace of mind.

It is here

where I can just be.

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