“Dear Ms. Misery”

by Brittany Capozzi

"Red Riding Hood" by Samantha Carr (black and white photo)

“Red Riding Hood” by Samantha Carr (black and white photo)

Do you remember that picture
of you and me two weeks after
Janet died? Mom took us to the park.
Your arms held my legs from
pumping on the swing.
Dear old Ms. Misery.

Do you remember March of ’05,
when I lost dad
for three minutes to a seizure?
You enveloped me with sheets of worry.
Yes, that was you,
Ms. Misery.

You squeezed my intuition when
I tasted you on my tongue
three years later; I let go of
someone through your words
on that mossy Moose Hill.

each click of my shoes
echoed syllables
Without a hand to
guide me, the syllables
jumbled over rocks


You and I have felt the high
temperatures of emotion—
Without you, Misery,
I could not have met

my close friend,
my shadow,
can you make it rain
so I can have my tears back?
I need more….


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