“Autumn Fields”

by Richard Guerra

"Stone Garden" by Ashley Ackerman (ceramic)

“Stone Garden” by Ashley Ackerman (ceramic)

“Autumn Fields” first appeared in Curry Arts Journal 2011.

There is no suffering, grieving, or pain

in these autumn fields; there is no pity or shame

I touch with my fingers the cold tingling strands

like the wings of a bird flowing with the land

There’s no need to cry or to ache or to weep

There’s life in the wind and there’s plenty of sleep

With each new drawn breath the breeze seems to heal

With each new shed feather I can once again feel

Though the smell of the air brings tears to the eye

just touching the grass makes the sadness run dry

People say that for some the grass never greens

but hear in the sun there’s no knowing what that t means

And the patterns of whistling tangles of shine

blow away all the sorrows that twirl up like twine

All the glitter in the sky can be seen in the span

All the love in one heart can be felt with one hand

And there’s nothing more lovely

Than the warmth from above me

And the sound of the air as it rotates the leaves

All the weight of my body’s offloaded

All the fears that can fly have now floated

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